Trolls’ Road

At Geiranger, we went out on the fjord in late afternoon sunshine. This is a freshwater fjord as it extends 150 kilometres inland and is fed by snow melting and the subsequent mountain streams and waterfalls, such as this one. Note the blue ice-melt in the water.

The fjord is deep enough for cruise ships to negotiate.

The next morning we took the so-called Trolls’ Road which gives wonderful views, if you can handle the many hairpin bends and the vertigo!

You can cross the fjord by ferry to explore further – the even steeper “Trolls’ Ladder”.

There were many motorbike groups out in very flash bikes, some with sidecars.

I saw one tough rider in full leather gear shakily reaching for the rail of the viewing platform. It doesn’t help that you can see the drop below through the metal grid you are standing on!

Looking over the edge:

On of our group said you can see how the idea of trolls came about when you look at the gigantic mossy rocks (and maybe squint a bit).

Can you see it?

5 thoughts on “Trolls’ Road

  1. Aren’t the fjords spectacular? Many years ago, I had my first experience of driving on the other side of the road when I drove from Bergen down towards Oslo. A mixture of awe and terror. Because I was in a right hand drive Ford Transist, I could see where the edge was, and where ‘straight down’ was. And a big truck scraped my off-side door handle off! But oh, the light! The colour! The wonderful rocks and water!


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