Shopping and Eating

It’s not all books, views and gardens on this trip. I have a very small suitcase, so taking pictures has become a satisfying substitute for mindless consumption (with the exception of food, which I photograph and consume).

Window shopping:

Just looking, thanks:

Chocolate in a sardine tin – with a famous Portuguese figure or aspect of Portuguese life on the lid:

Music shop with miniature instruments and traditional Portuguese guitars:

Salami and smoked ham in this deli:

Dried cod in a supermarket (definitely just looking):

This second-hand shop is in La Vie, a shopping centre. I wouldn’t risk stepping in there (breakables).

In La Vie, there was a crowd watching football (Brazil vs Mexico):

Dried, sweetened kiwi fruit:

Back at the hotel, I spotted this in the lobby (oops, books again):

The hotel trains young people and it makes a lovely, positive atmosphere.

I went down for a simple salad meal in the bar and was talked into eating in the restaurant instead. Oh, they had to twist my arm!

The restaurant is decorated with students’ art work:

It was a delightful dinner of vegetable soup, fresh fish with spinach and potatoes

and a selection of mousses on a pretty plate:

I’m enjoying Portuguese espresso too (short black):

A fitting last meal in Portugal.

5 thoughts on “Shopping and Eating

  1. I’m glad they twisted your arm! That looks like a delicious meal. It seems to me, these days, that eating the food is one of the reasons to travel. And I for one applaud the new habit of taking photos of your food!

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