Spring Snow

It was a novelty to wake up to a light coating of snow this morning. Mabel was not keen to put her feet in the snow on the deck. I carried her across to join the others for breakfast on the lawn before she missed out. Chickens feet are warm, in case you’ve wondered – or never thought about it. Mabel (second from the left) was warm and her feathers soft and silky.

The snow will be gone soon. I took some photos to capture the surprise of it.

I was relieved to see the lemon tree I planted in the weekend snuggled safely beside the house, the snow barely reaching it.

Dwarf Meyer lemon tree planted in case the old tree doesn’t recover (see previous post).

It’s 1.6 degrees celsius right now. The chooks have retreated to the garage for their hot mash. The sun is making an occasional half-hearted appearance, and the forecast is for a high of only 10 degrees. A day to pull the chairs up to the fire.

4 thoughts on “Spring Snow

  1. Our place has a similar white coating, but I think it’s hail rather than snow. I was woken at 1.30am by a noisy storm, and could hear hail hitting the windows. When I looked outside the ground was already white. Snow is more inclined to be silent?


    1. PS There was the odd silent drift of watery snow falling as I was out on the lawn feeding the chooks, so a bit of both, I think. The hail storm was short-lived last night and I guessed there was snow as well during the night.


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