It occurred to me the other morning that I was dressed like my Sindy doll.

I rescued her before Mum’s house was demolished in 2015 and we were doing a clean-out. Her original jeans and red, white and blue striped top were long gone, and at some stage I made new clothes for her out of material scraps.

This “snap!” moment, plunged me into the depths of memory – and photo albums – for other such coincidences.

In 2014, I had had my bike a couple of days when I realised it was just like the bicycle on the tile I’d bought in the delightful walled town of Bergues in the north of France in 2005. I must, at least subconsciously, have been aware of the little bicycle every time I stepped onto my front porch.

Tile at front door since 2005
Bicycle – new in 2014

My sister, Sarah, has an impressive vegetable garden. In 2016 I took this photo of her with a freshly picked cauliflower.

It reminded me of the photo I had taken of Dad in just about the same spot. He also had an impressive vegetable garden. I’m not sure when the photo was taken. Probably late 70s early 80s. I can see a fine crop of broad beans behind him – and silver beet which Sarah does not grow!

Finally, two other snap moments from the distant past. The first is my border collie, Mack, with Mackenzie’s dog at Tekapo in 2002.

Thurza and Sam in the cherry tree 2004

And my niece, Sam, (on the right) with the little girl from down the road. When they met for the first time at my front door, they were momentarily transfixed as if looking into a mirror. Then they were off, exploding through the house and garden, delighted with themselves.

And I keep finding more… Here’s Sam in 2003 with “Hamish”.

We love reading. January 2003.

In fact, everyone seemed to like to read with Hamish.

Harry, Mack and Greer, December 2002.

More a photo opportunity snap than coincidence, but too charming to omit.