Book heaven

My older brother told me about the new bookshop in Kaiapoi. It is in a former bank building and has a library ladder which slides along a rail. This was the first stop on our visit to Kaiapoi today.

I found that the bookshop has two ladders. Other delights included a bay window with seat, a fireplace, interesting book shelves and a fabulously restored facade. And, of course, a vast selection of books, stationery, games, and a post office.

Further down the street, the others wandered into Blackwells Department Store while I nipped into the fabulous library before joining them.

The library building also has a museum and a small art gallery.

On the river the paddle boat was just heading out on its lunch time excursion. There was an intriguing long fin eel sculpture/water feature beside the footpath.

≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥/ (Thank you, Felix, for that contribution!) We had lunch in the restored former railway station – tongue and groove walls and ceiling and sash windows – and decor more French than kiwi.

We came home with various items from the op-shops we visited.

I also came home with these two books from the wonderful bookshop.

Felix playing

Felix continues to enjoy climbing trees. He is six months old now and curious and adventurous (when not sleeping by the fire).

Cupboards are worth exploring and for a moment it looked as if he was going to settle in the hot water cupboard.

There could be some good reading here…or here…

A string of lights and a ladder prove irresistible. Tigger seems amused.

He likes to ‘help’ with tying shoelaces – having previously untied them.

And unpacking the groceries gets him in a delicious tangle.

I don’t remember what we did for entertainment before Felix.

Felix and Vera

Vera looks through the window enviously (I’m guessing) while Felix sleeps by the fire. One day she came in and found a sunny spot to settle.

You could swear Felix encourages her to come inside. She doesn’t waste an opportunity when she sees it.

Does Felix want to play?

Felix has checked out Vera’s living room with its fresh straw – and mirror.

Vera bustled in this morning and sampled Felix’s food.

This afternoon it rained and they found a sheltered spot together.