Greenhouse Progress

Since I put up the greenhouse in September it’s been going well. Once secured to prevent it from tipping over in the wind, it has provided a good environment for the three tomato plants to get an early start, as I had hoped. It steams up – as my glasses do too if I look inside – and the heat builds up quickly as the day gets warmer.

By November, I had to put in twine supports for the leggy growth, and the plants were flowering prolifically. I worry a little that the pot the Tumbling Tom is in isn’t big enough for the size of the plant. The other two plants are directly in the soil. Because they are all under cover, I have to water regularly, judging how much is needed, and adding liquid tomato food to a bucket of water each fortnight.

The first fruit were appearing on the Sweet Treats plant in November. This month the other two plants have the beginnings of fruit.

Everyday I roll up the door to allow air to move around and to let bees in. The trellis discourages the chooks. The plants have grown right up to the roof.

I found a ladybird – the first I’ve seen in ages. It has only two spots, and my research tells me that this variety was first discovered here in Christchurch in March 1936.

Last week I picked the first ripe tomatoes.

By today, they were filling up the bowl.