Heroic Helsinki

The heroic character of the Finnish capital city is apparent as, from all directions, ferries sail into the port. A UNESCO World Heritage sea fort hunkers down at the harbour entrance, while a marina offers a brave face to the elements.

Sibelius’ Finlandia provides an evocative reminder of brave resistance to invasion.

The rock has been painstakingly hewn to create a peaceful artefact.

Quirky style has an intensity coming from the long months of dark and cold, one suspects.

A fleet of icebreakers is ready for the return of winter.

Ferry to Finland

I didn’t imagine the vessel we sailed on would include lifts to 12 levels, a shopping mall, theatre, and several bars and restaurants!

This was my cabin which, with fold-down bunks, could sleep four:

Today I’m wind-burnt from being out on the viewing deck. Children were having fun stretching out their arms and almost lifting off the deck! I watched the long sunset from the cabin, however.

It was a smooth voyage, a great night’s sleep, rocking gently.


Dinner at a picturesque bay was a delight after a long drive from Copenhagen.

The next day we went to the City Hall, where the children of the many women councillors are welcome and where the Nobel dinner is held:

Our enthusiastic guide entertained us with stories of this building and with his irreverence.

“I seen the little lamp”

Title is a quotation from “The Doll’s House” by Katherine Mansfield. (WordPress doesn’t know this and suggested I correct the grammar!)

I began my exploration of the National Museum of Denmark in the Dolls House and toy section. There were dozens of wee houses which you could look into from two sides, exposing the social hierarchy.

A group of musicians caught my eye:

As did the ubiquitous Tintin:

Toys for adults included a 17th century silver table centre piece, about 30cm tall, perfect in detail:

At the SMK, National Gallery, this shepherd is knitting a sock, perhaps to remind us that the weather isn’t always as glorious.

Outside the Gallery seats are placed in the water for people to cool their feet.