Shopping and Eating

It’s not all books, views and gardens on this trip. I have a very small suitcase, so taking pictures has become a satisfying substitute for mindless consumption (with the exception of food, which I photograph and consume).

Window shopping:

Just looking, thanks:

Chocolate in a sardine tin – with a famous Portuguese figure or aspect of Portuguese life on the lid:

Music shop with miniature instruments and traditional Portuguese guitars:

Salami and smoked ham in this deli:

Dried cod in a supermarket (definitely just looking):

This second-hand shop is in La Vie, a shopping centre. I wouldn’t risk stepping in there (breakables).

In La Vie, there was a crowd watching football (Brazil vs Mexico):

Dried, sweetened kiwi fruit:

Back at the hotel, I spotted this in the lobby (oops, books again):

The hotel trains young people and it makes a lovely, positive atmosphere.

I went down for a simple salad meal in the bar and was talked into eating in the restaurant instead. Oh, they had to twist my arm!

The restaurant is decorated with students’ art work:

It was a delightful dinner of vegetable soup, fresh fish with spinach and potatoes

and a selection of mousses on a pretty plate:

I’m enjoying Portuguese espresso too (short black):

A fitting last meal in Portugal.

Big walk across Porto

I walked 14.9km today, according to my health app. I found interesting back streets as I walked to the Palacio Cristal gardens.

And views of the Duoro River and an interesting mix of old, new and under-construction.

This garden just about has it over formal gardens. I particularly liked the use of gumboots. There were chooks in a pen behind.

There were chooks in the gardens too:

Among the garden sculptures were peacocks, peahens and peachicks!

The Palacio Cristal itself was under renovation – as was the Historical Museum and the Bolhau Market. The gardens were pretty nice, however, with old trees and a lovely grandeur.

Even in the gardens there was no getting away from books. This mobile library was parked inside the gate.

Old Books

Yesterday, our local guide told us about Livraria Lello, a bookshop which inspired JK Rowling; the Hogwarts staircase is apparently modelled on the one in the shop. Would you agree?

We didn’t have time then, but I was first in the door this morning, hence an empty staircase with no tourists posing all over it.

There was also a small exhibition of Joan Miro illustrated books.

There is a book conservator here and a section of very old books behind glass doors.

I wandered into a couple of new bookshops, but it was the old that appealed the most. These photos are of Manuel Santos Livraria.

What could be lovelier?

I have seen many antiquarian bookshops in Portugal which must say something wonderful about the Portuguese, I choose to believe!