Fun Finish

There was lots of laughter as the costumes of each department were revealed on the last day. There were hippies, Mexicans (one genuine), a sports team featuring the periodic table (guess which department that was!), cats, Little Misses, Where’s Wallies, and “We love Annies” – a surprise from my department who told me to just dress as I liked.

I took one last photo of my laptop and keys before turning them in.

My plan book and red pen were significant objects in my photo!

With farewell speech and final prize giving over, it was lovely to relax and have fun on this last day. There were carols and dances, games, food and drink at a gorgeous vineyard.

Carol singers warming up

What an amazing, creative bunch of people to have fun with.

A well-rehearsed routine – a tribute to our dance teacher who is returning to Canada

Then there was the fun of Secret Santa gifts.

Captain of the Good Ship English Dept

My Secret Santa revealed her identity to me (after a few wines). She put heaps of effort into this and gave me yet another happy-sad moment!

It was doubly special because she is a former student!

A fabulous finish.

Photo-bombed by Wally!

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