Pavlovas by Grandma

Mum’s pavlovas are world-famous in our family. Her grandchildren love them, as we did as children (and still do…)

In 2013, Mum’s great-niece, Emma, made a book of family recipes. Here is the photo Emma used and Mum’s handwritten recipe.

Below the recipe, Mum recalls that her sister, Gladys, brought the recipe home to Invercargill after a holiday with a friend’s aunt in Akaroa. In those days, the pavlova was cooked in a coal range – and there was no Kenwood mixer or non-stick baking sheets.

Today, it was amusing to photograph the Christmas pavlovas cooking, as I couldn’t avoid the reflection of us on the oven door peering into the oven.

The Women’s Institute tea towel is most appropriate. What could be more inspiring than Mum’s pavlovas?

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