Pavlova Postscript

While nations not far from us contend with fires, floods and, no doubt, famine, we continue the pavlova conversation.

It turned out that the last of Mum’s pavlovas survived the breakfast ravages for a left-over evening meal on Boxing Day. Talk turned to the pavlova bake off, and it was suggested that Mum’s two collapsed pavlovas had been photographed from an unflattering angle (see previous post).

So, here is the final image on the subject, with an eye-level cross section of Mum’s pavlova.

It was still delicious two days after baking and one day after applying the toppings.

Both pavlovas pass the all-important taste (caramel, cream and fruity tang) and tactile (soft and crunchy) test and Mum’s legacy will continue to delight from generation to generation at every special occasion.

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