Chill and warm at Crisp

This morning, after I’d walked to the medical centre for a flu shot, I stopped for a coffee at Crisp. It was excellent strong coffee and came with a jaffa on the side. Perfect.

I found a sunny corner and enjoyed my book, taking my time over the coffee. After a zero degree start to the day, it was nice to bask in the warm sun, the scarf and gloves I’d worn earlier put aside.

My book took me on a journey to the heat and unfamiliarity of the tropics. In the cafe a bossa nova track was playing, piano and double bass, giving an exotic atmosphere to the early winter morning. My shazam app identified the music as chill cafe jazz and bossa nova. I made a new “chill” playlist and contemplated how English words can have different meanings: literal and figurative, both noun and verb, more than one tense simultaneously, numerous connotations, and even opposite meanings. So I was chill in mood, and warm in temperature. Perfect.