From my window I can see a large yellow digger, a port-a-loo, temporary fencing, and colourful bunting warning of overhead wires. There are men – and an occasional woman – in hi-vis jackets, hard hats and ear muffs. Our street is closed for wastewater drainage replacement.

Since mid-June, the work has moved up the street towards our house. My car must remain in the garage until the work moves past us and the fences are removed. There are some heart-stopping moments when the digger arm touches the bunting as the driver negotiates our narrow street.

However, the site is carefully managed, efficient and tidy. Yesterday, the power pole outside our gate was secured by a huge concrete block at the base and a hook and chain at the top.

This morning, they have dug up the footpath and part of our berm. A huge vacuum truck made a lot of noise right outside our window for a while. See how they have carefully dug under the kerb and under the lawn edging. I wonder if they’ve saved the piece of turf to put back afterwards.

I couldn’t resist taking this photo three days ago when it occurred to me that this event might be worth recording. The process is quite fascinating. From the tin lid, it looks as if a sealer is being applied. Nearby, another worker was cutting lengths of pipe.

What do they see down there?