Berry time of year

The blackcurrants have been ripening over the last few weeks. Now they are ready to pick. Blackcurrants may be an acquired taste for some as they are quite tart. Blueberries are much sweeter and I’ve harvested two large bowls from one bush.

We had our first lot in a shortcake, and I added blueberries for interest.

Before the top layer of pastry was put on.

Then I looked for a more interesting recipe and found one for Blackcurrant and vanilla cream tart. This has a pastry base and a filling of egg yolk, caster sugar, vanilla, and double cream. I used half yoghurt and half cream which probably added to the tartness of the fruit. Delicious.

Because the recipe used three separated eggs, I used the whites to make meringues which I’ve never made before. They turned out well and are nice to eat on the side of the tart with a spoonful of cream and a sprinkling of fresh berries.

There’s still one more blackcurrant bush to harvest. I picked a few of the currants this evening. They are large, juicy, tart and bursting with goodness.