Grand Gardens

I used to bike through Queen’s Park on my way to music lessons every week and I don’t remember being as awed by them as I was on revisiting them this week.

Wide avenues and mature specimen trees.

There was the rose garden I remember, the Peter Pan statue, an arched bridge, a Chinese garden, a Japanese garden, and the children’s playground. At every turn, there was something to explore.

There were animal statues (with children climbing over them – and cooling off in the fountain) and real animals.

You could “forest bathe” under the trees, discover rainbow chard growing in a border, and marvel at the giant macrocarpa.

I turned a corner and there was a waterwheel and, around another, the arched bridge I’d previously seen in the distance.

At the cafe, popular with parents and children, there were cheese rolls aka ‘Southland Sushi”, and custard squares.

It was a beautiful day. On my way out of the park, I came upon three jumping violinists enthusiastically enjoying their Celtic origins.

It was a perfect day to visit my home town, Invercargill.

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