Book heaven

My older brother told me about the new bookshop in Kaiapoi. It is in a former bank building and has a library ladder which slides along a rail. This was the first stop on our visit to Kaiapoi today.

I found that the bookshop has two ladders. Other delights included a bay window with seat, a fireplace, interesting book shelves and a fabulously restored facade. And, of course, a vast selection of books, stationery, games, and a post office.

Further down the street, the others wandered into Blackwells Department Store while I nipped into the fabulous library before joining them.

The library building also has a museum and a small art gallery.

On the river the paddle boat was just heading out on its lunch time excursion. There was an intriguing long fin eel sculpture/water feature beside the footpath.

≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥/ (Thank you, Felix, for that contribution!) We had lunch in the restored former railway station – tongue and groove walls and ceiling and sash windows – and decor more French than kiwi.

We came home with various items from the op-shops we visited.

I also came home with these two books from the wonderful bookshop.

2 thoughts on “Book heaven

  1. Interesting cafe and bookstore, both of which I wouldn’t be able to pass up. It has undoubtedly been a few years since we ventured into Kaiapoi.


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