Toys, trolls and dolls

There are the odd gems amongst the souvenir tat. Once you brace yourself for the cliches, stereotypes and anthropomorphism you can get some simple enjoyment from some of the merchandise.

These were some of the crown prince of Denmark’s toys in an exhibition for his 50th birthday.

These made me smile:

High cute factor applied to violent history – and rolling pins?!! Really?

Children’s literature gets lots of attention:

There are Moomins (recently a personal favourite) everywhere. There are even Mumin cafes. (Altered spelling for copyright reasons, perhaps?)

At the Vasa Galleon Museum, a cut-away model showed life on board in miniature.

And the anthropomorphic lynx – on the end of our beds at the hotel in Helsinki. (Gave some of us a bit of a start at first glance.)

The Hotel Santa Claus was full of it – even elves popping out of the bar ceiling.

Or on hallway walls, such as this elf on a watering can.

Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming.

Sometimes it’s charming and magical.

2 thoughts on “Toys, trolls and dolls

  1. A delight! You could possibly regard the male viking’s ‘weapon’ as a steak hammer… Keeps the theme! But I can see the temptation. One’s Christmas decoration theme might never be the same again. I have a little wooden mouse, now with only one leather ear, that I bought for our then cat, Sam, back in the late sixties when things Scandinavian were all the go. The mouse’s name is Woden Mouse.

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