The past is a foreign country…

It is time to clean out a bulging file.  Years ago I’d sent away for my personal file and this is now headed for the shredder.

Here’s a last look at my career on file from application to mid-point:


The top document looks like something out of an old film from a time when things were very different. I could photoshop it to look noir.

My mug shots over the years are like something foreign and long-forgotten too.  At least the red ticks seem to indicate that I have written my name, birth date and years at high school accurately:


The hand-written references from my high school headmistress and the principal of teacher’s college both use that rather damning, or at least ambiguous, phrase: “has potential” and the old-fashioned: “a rising sense of humour”.  Perhaps, after nearly 40 years of teaching the “potential” has been borne out, while the humour, like a share-market graph, has risen and dipped, and even plummeted at times.

I will keep some pre-digital cards and notes from students and colleagues, such as these delights to revive my sorry sense of humour: