Small Delights

A week retired, and what have I done? I’ve been delighting in small details. Here are some of them.

After about four hours’ steadily-paced work, a neatly stacked wood pile.

Welcome rain, and a freshly washed garden seen from inside a warm house.

On a nearby street, this little delight – with flower pots! Someone loves books.

Back at home, a freshly-picked bowl of strawberries:

Making home-made Christmas gifts to delight someone else:

With time for the details: decoration and labels.

Out and about on a sunny day, strolling through a street market:

Eating whitebait fritter sandwiches while enjoying a ukulele street band.

Being delighted by opportunist wild flowers as we go to pay tribute to an old friend.

Taking selfies and delighting that we don’t quite get it right!

Admiring fabulous street art.

Being delighted again that readers just want to share!

And bringing home a locally made delight:

An excess of delightfulness – and these are a small sample. Is this what retirement is all about?

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