Still Life and Shelf Life

My eye was caught by this accidental arrangement of objects yesterday.  A still life, I thought.


The iris was accidentally broken as it was hanging over the path, and had been rescued.  It was a bud when broken, and yesterday it opened in the vase, as did the other irises in the garden, perfectly synchronised.

This happy arrangement sent me around the house looking for other potential “art work”.  I made a rule that nothing was to be moved, just photographed as found.  The framing is the only editing.

The shopping list:


The printer:


This is were it all becomes more shelf life than still life.

Mum’s tea cups on the piano:


The kitchen mantelpiece:


Games and a witch with pumpkin on top of a bookcase:


The top shelves of the dresser:


Pangur Ban on the picture rail, next to “Senior Moment”:


A book shelf (note Dad with a considerable cauliflower):


Cats are great commentators on events.  Here’s a case in point on the picture rail:


Picture rails are useful places.




Such clutter, and all is vanity, as we know.

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